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Being a long time lurker in the witchcraft and Wicca blogoshpere, I’ve seen my fair share of spell posts. Most are well written. They include easy to read listings of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Some even include tips on timing. What they don’t include is the most important step-raising energy.

What is energy?

Energy is the unseen force moving the universe all around us. It flows through you, me, the cat, the trees-everything. When you do any spellwork, you tap into this universal energy. Some people can see it and others can feel it. Energy, for me, has always felt like the resistance when you take two magnets have them face the same pole and they repel each other.

Frankly just what energy was, was a really hard concept for me to understand when I first started practicing until I raised it for the first time. So, let’s raise a little bit of it. Take your hands and rub them together palms facing as fast as you can for 30 seconds. If you are like me and wearing rings take those off. Gloves too if you are outside.

Your hands should get warm and start to tingle slightly. Now, close your eyes and separate your hands about a foot apart. Slowly, with your eyes closed (no peeking!), move your hands closer together. The closer my hands get, the more kind of vague, static-like resistance I feel. That is your personal energy.

Don’t feel much energy? That’s okay. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others and some people have naturally more energy than others. Sometimes, too, if you are going through a major life change your personal energy will be completely tied up in making sure you are just breathing.

Raising power for spells
Feel that power baby


Okay, so that’s energy. Where does it come from?

Energy comes from two main sources-inside you and outside you. The energy outside you can get broken down even further into energy from plants, animals, spirits, places and other people. Everything, whether alive or not has energy. Things that are not alive and were not ever alive, absorb energy from the living things around us (which is where one theory of hauntings come from).

When you do spellwork and use stones or herbs you are borrowing a piece of those object’s energies. The same is true if you call the elements. If you have a good relationship with a deity and they wish to, they can lend you some of their energy as well. Properly timing a spell let’s you use the energy of the planets, the days of the week, the Sabbats and Esabbats. Energy is everywhere and can come from anything.

What does raising energy mean and why should I do it?

Raising energy is where you pull energy from outside yourself inside to power whatever spell you are working. It becomes a combination inside you of all the different correspondent energies you have chosen to work with and your own natural energy. 

As to why you should raise it-have you ever cast a spell and for the rest of the day or the next day felt drained? Moody? Hungrier than a high school football team? This is part of what witches refer to as a magical hangover. If you didn’t raise energy and only supplied it from yourself you could feel this way the entire time the spell is working as you are the only  thing powering it. Or worse, the spell could fail because you individually don’t have enough power.

Raising power for spells
Ron just cannot get that feather to move


How and when should I raise power?

Typically you raise power after you have cast a circle, called any elements/deities, and gathered any herbs/rocks/crystals/spell supplies. Some raise the power before getting everything in one spot, but I find that it is harder to keep the power from dispersing doing it this way. Others raise the power after whatever they are going to use to anchor the spell has been constructed (the poppet, charm, pouch, jar, etc.). As I like to charge each ingredient as I add it, I don’t do it that way unless I am in a ritual led by someone else.

I have included a list below of ways to raise power with tips.

  1. Aum- pronounced or often spelled “Ohm” this is considered to be the sound of the universe and creation. Spoken by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, the sound should come from low in the belly. In order to use it raise energy, you should imagine breathing in the universe’s energy through the nose for a slow count of 3. Then, breathe out the sound of Aum until all breath has been expelled, but still holding that energy inside. You should repeat this 3 times. By the end, your body should feel like it is full to bursting with energy.
  2. Drumming/clapping-take a drum, rattle, or using your hands to clap begin making noise. I usually close my eyes so that I can feel the
    Drumming to raise energy
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    rhythm. Feel the energy you want to use around and with every beat of the drum or clap of your hands bring that energy inside you. You should notice that as the energy builds you are clapping/drumming faster. As a note, you should not use pre-recorded drumming for this. A lot of it that is out there is set up with the correct number of beats for journeying and instead of raising power you could end up elsewhere.
  3. Music-we all have songs or types of music that makes up feel revved up. This music should definitely be something that gets your blood going like good work out music. It works even better if the song has a theme to match whatever you’re working on. One of the greatest spells for getting over fear in my relationship was done to Walk the Moon’s Shut-up and Dance with Me. Sing along with the song. Dance. Feel the energy of the song inside you. By the end of the song-or playlist-you should be full to bursting with energy.

Send that energy on its way!

Once you’ve raised the energy, send it out to do its job. For me, this is a two layer process. Through touch, a wand, athame, or my finger I direct the energy out of me and into whatever I am using to anchor my spell. I usally visualize this as a light pouring out of me and into the anchor until it fills it and bursts out.

Depending on what the action being taken is, I will preform the action and restate the intention of the spellwork. If I am using a candle, I will then light this candle and state the purpose of the spell. When using a jar, I cap it and state the intention while covering it in wax. This is important as it helps the energy remember what it is that you are trying to do.

This is also the part where you visualize the outcome of the work. You need to involve all 5 senses in this and get as specific as you can. Visualization is its own topic, but just like stating your intention out loud this is going to help the energy know what you want.

Find balance again

Remember that magical hangover that we talked about before? This is another place where you could end up with one if you are not careful. You’ve likely drained all or a good chunk of the energy inside of you to power your spell. It’s also possible that you didn’t need as much energy as you raised. That’s why you need to re-balance your energy-a process known as grounding.

The all purpose AUM is great for this. Just like raising energy you are going to bring energy in with the inhale for a 3 count, but this time when you exhale pour out any energy you don’t need with the “Ohm” tone. A good friend once pointed out that you don’t want to be putting anything negative into the universe energetically, so I imagine the energy that I exhale as being the deep pink color of perfect love. Do this until you feel normal.

Thanks for reading. If you found this post helpful, please share it and check out my post on Magical Correspondences.

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  1. Very well writen. Best magic happens when you can summon as much positive joy and emotion. Music, nature and good memories help to get you to euphoric state. Then you know you got extra magic juice to create more magic. Think happy thoughts😁

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