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Looks like I have finally lost the gardening bug now that all my plants are in for the season. That’s the one major advantage to living in Florida-planting season is pretty much whenever you want to put something in the ground. In this week’s Theoretical Thursday, we’re going to be talking about what visualization is and how to use it to manifest anything.

So What is Visualization?

In writing this post, I begin to understand why it is so hard for some people. The concept of visualization is not easy to explain. It’s part meditative, part imagination and part instinct. Because it is so personal, explaining how to do it is a little like explaining color to a blind person. So why don’t we start with what visualization isn’t?

Visualization is not:

  • Meditation. Meditation is an exercise in clearing the mind and staying in the moment. It can also be used to think about an abstract concept such as love or money if you get very advanced.
  • Journeying. You should not be going anywhere outside your body while visualizing. If you feel the need to go ask a deity/ancestor/etc. for help in manifesting something that is a separate step.

So now that we know what it isn’t, we can talk about what it is. Magical visualization is the part in any spell where you spell out exactly what you want from the universe. There are a couple different ways to do this, I’ll get to them in a minute, but this is what makes visualization the most important step in performing any spell.

If you don’t know exactly what you want the outcome of the spell to be, the universe is not going to be able to deliver it. For instance, if you are doing a spell to get your dream job. You’ve gotten your ingredients, you’ve raised and charged your vessel, but you have no idea what your dream job is? The magic and the energy will still go out into the universe, but because it doesn’t know what job specifically to manifest it could take a long time to manifest if it ever does.

How to “See”

The Most Common Method

The most common way to do visualization is probably the hardest. It involves using your imagination and your 5 senses to “see” your desired outcome.

Say you want to manifest a car. A Kia Soul to be exact. During the visualization part of your spell, you are going to close your eyes and see that car. You are going to imagine everything from the paint color to the way the seats indent when you sit. Next, you are going to feel the stitching underneath your fingertips and the blast of cold air from the air conditioner. You need to visualize hearing the purr it makes when the engine turns over and smell that new car smell. Then, you need to drive it. Picture yourself going places in it while still visualizing all of the above. See how it starts to get tricky if you don’t have a knack for it?

The thing about visualization is that the longer and more clearly you can picture what you are trying to manifest, the stronger your magic will be. So if you struggle with sitting still or have trouble with normal meditation, this is not the method for you. I will go over how to work up to this as it can be the basis for other techniques like astral projection and journeying.

Putting It Down on Paper

I really like this method for beginners. Not only is it good for using to visualize what you desire, but it is also good for refining the focus of your magic. And all you need is a writing utensil and something to write on!

Let’s take the above example of a car. Write down everything you can think of to describe the car you want. Do your best to include all five senses. Use the description you are building of the car on paper to help you picture it in your mind. Once you have run out of ways to describe the car, start describing what you will do with. As you writing it down, picture it in your mind.

Alternatively, if you are one of the people out there blessed with the ability to draw, draw it. Draw the outside, the inside, and yourself driving it. Draw where it goes and what it smells like.

Once done, you not only have told the universe what you want, you now have a new spell component. If you are making a spell jar, add it. Burning a candle to send your intent into the universe? Burn the paper. Just use common sense. If you are baking a cake please don’t add the paper.

Is Anybody Listening?

The last method I recommend is talking. As witches, we all know that words have power. We also know that they can be used to paint pictures just as skillfully as any paint brush. We can use these two properties to create powerful visualizations for manifestation.

I suggest that before you start talking you take a second to think about what you are manifesting. The universe is great about understanding intent rather than the literal meaning of the words being spoken. But nothing will mess up your rhythm if you are nervous already than saying something “wrong”.

Once you are ready, begin talking to the universe. Tell it all about the new car you want. Tell it about what it’s like to drive it. Just keep talking until you have described everything you can think of about this new car. One thing you should do with speaking that you can’t really do with the other methods is change your tone. If a feature excites you, sound excited. Something required in order for you to be able to use it? Put that need in your voice.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the greatest insights ever shared with me was this one: Witchcraft is called witchcraft because it is a craft. Just like with any other craft, you are going to have to practice it in order to get good at it. This is true of any aspect of Witchcraft.

I have found the following methods good for aiding my ability to visualize things and some of them are just good for your mind.

  • Listen to guided meditations. I know it can be hard to find good ones, but there is a great series by Michelle Skye on Celtic and Norse goddesses that includes greeting them. If you buy the Kindle version you can get the voice over on it. Check it out here.
  • Read or listen to fiction books. I know this can seem a little odd, but being able to read a fiction book and visualize the actions that the characters are taking helps to improve your ability to visualize for magic like crazy.
  • Sit outside and pick an object. It doesn’t matter what kind of object it is, just that you can see it. Now close your eyes. Do your best to recall every detail of that object that you can see. You can do this over and over again with different objects until you can see them near perfect in your mind.
I hope that I have helped clear up what visualization is and how it helps with spell work. If you enjoyed this please sign up for my newsletter and so that you can get posts delivered right to your inbox!
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