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We’ve all seen them-giant lists of uses for herbs, crystals, plants, colors, etc. You can find them for just about everything under the sun and then some. Being active on tumblr, I think these lists are the most written about topic in the Witch blogosphere. But no one seems to have asked, just what is a magical correspondence and how do I use it?

So what is it?

Let’s start with magic- I define magic as the releasing of concentrated intent or energy into the universe to aid us in achieving a goal. Magical correspondences are associated with this goal in some way. For instance, water is associated with emotions because of its flowing and changeable nature. We use these correspondences to boost and hold our intent or energy in a spell.

Great! Where do these associations come from?

That’s were things get trickier. Some herbs, crystals, and such have long histories of being associated with certain things. A good example is salt. It has a long history of being associated with wealth because Roman soldiers used to be paid in it. But something new like a computer? It could be associated with anything.

To complicate matters, there is also the fact that not every correspondence works the same for everyone. Magical correspondences are all about our relationships with whatever the object is. Citrine for me will forever be about joy, the feel of the sun on your face in summer, and laughter because when I wore my first piece was during a trip to the beach with some of my greatest friends. But correspondent lists will always include it with wealth and money because of its orange-gold color.

Does that mean that I have to use it money spells? Nope. There are so many other crystal correspondences out there that not using citrine affects nothing. My own personal association means that I can grab the crystal any time I am feeling down and expect a pick me up.

I’ve gathered some correspondences for a spell. What do I do with them?

Spell Correspondences #magic #spellwork #magical correspondences
All ready to go with for my spell

And now we add another layer of correspondences. Did you know that what you do with these correspondences have correspondences? It’s enough to make your head hurt! A good example of this is burning something. Using fire is associated with speed regarding the spell, but fire itself is associated with new beginnings.

This is where keeping track of your spells in Book of Shadows or spell templates becomes important. In the beginning, you can rely on intuition and other people’s correspondence listings. As time goes on, you’ll create your own correspondences based on what worked and the events in your own life. You’ll become a curator of your very own correspondence list.

You also need to remember that just using correspondences in a spell isn’t enough. You have to put your intent into each and every one while visualizing the outcome. There are a myriad of ways to do this: drumming, chanting, touch, etc. That way when you perform your spell all the correspondences will be working together towards your goal/s.

I hope this helped! If it did please be sure to leave a comment, share this post, and check out my post on Ostara or on 3 books every witch should own!

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