The Blade and Cauldron Newsletter

I have exciting news! The Blade and Cauldron Newsletter is coming!

What’s in it?

This will be a monthly newsletter that will contain exclusive spells, tips and tricks for the month. There will also be mini-articles and correspondences for the month. Everyone who signs up before the May 1st launch date will receive an exclusive, printable herbal correspondence list!

How often will I be emailed?

The newsletter is set up to only go out once a month-on the 1st. Unless you opt in for a separate product, I will only email you then. If you do sign up at the end of the month, you will receive the newsletter for that month and the new one once it comes out. If you have any questions about how your email or information will be used, please see my privacy policy.

How do I sign up?

There should a pop up on the page when you first log on. Just add you information there and confirm your email. It’s that easy! If you closed the pop up you can sign up by clicking the link on the right that says subscribe.

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