How to Garden in Sync with the Moon

In this Wednesday’s continuation of my magical gardening series (you can click the links to find how to create a magical garden and how to create a garden guardian), I am talking about how to garden in sync with the Moon. Now, I know what you are thinking. Gardening with the Moon? What on Earth?

It’s actually quite common among witches. We know that just like people, plants are mostly water. They are subject to the same ebb and flow that the tides and people are.

Moon Basics

We all know that the Moon waxes, wanes, is dark and full over the span of 28 days. Indeed, we are aware that we can perform magic in accordance to the phase the Moon is in to boost the magic that we are working. Planting and harvesting, too follow this principle.

Full Moon

The full Moon often finds plants full of sap and energy. This is a good time to harvest if what you are harvesting should be bursting to the brim with sugar or other natural flavors carried in the sap. If harvesting for magic, the plant with be at the peak of its energy.

Just keep in mind, any cutting done during this time may be harder for the plant to heal. Be sure to leave an extra offering of power or other plant treat when harvesting.


Just as the moon is waning, the levels of sap and energy in the plants will decrease as this phase continues on. This is a good time to clear away dead growth or do weeding. I don’t recommend harvesting during the later half of this phase as your plants won’t have the energy to heal from the harvesting well. This is also a bad time to take a cutting from the plant, but an excellent time to separate parent and baby plants. This is also a good time for any garden maintenance that you have put off.

New Moon

This is a quiet, barren time for your plants. They are working hard to pump their sap to the top and have no energy to spare. This is the time in the moon cycle that you should go out and just enjoy having your plants. Take a walk in the garden and stop to smell your flowers. This is also a great time to check in with any spirits or guardians in your garden.


Waxing is the time that you should working with your plants the most. The sap is starting to flow easily and will be at its best in the latter half of this phase. This is a good time to plant, take cuttings, or harvest. Your plants will be able to heal more readily now that at any other part of the cycle. This is also a good time to fertilize your plants or mix in nutrients.

Moon Signs

Like anything else that witches do, there is always room for more complexity. On top of using the Moon’s phase to garden, you can use the sign that the moon in to boost your gardening as well.

The Moon moves through all 12 Zodiac signs during its 28 day cycle. These signs can be divided up into 3 categories: barren and fruitful. Depending on which sign the Moon is in, you will get better results. For instance, you can have the Moon waxing, but in Aries. This means that while it is good for planting, Aries is a fallow sign so it will not have the punch that planting in Taurus will.

I have provided a list below of the fruitful and barren signs along with activities that they are good for.

Fruitful Signs:

  • Cancer- plant leafy things, plant above ground fruit
  • Scorpio- prune to encourage growth
  • Pisces- plant root things
  • Taurus-plant root corps
  • Capricorn- prune to strengthen bulbs, roots, stalks
  • Libra- plant flowers and vines

Barren Signs:

  • Leo- kill weeds/pests, cultivate/till
  • Gemini-harvest herbs/roots
  • Virgo- plow, till, weed
  • Sagittarius- prune to stop growth
  • Aquarius- reap corps/herbs/roots, kill weeds/pests
  • Aries- gather/store herbs/roots, prune to reduce growth

There are various witchy calendars that help you know which sign the Moon is in. You can find a list here. Most of them also include listing for the various holidays and planetary movements.

I hope this was helpful for the magical gardeners out there! As always, please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you thought.
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