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Spring is hitting really hard in the south already. We’ve had more than a few 80+ degree days already. This combined with the beautiful sunshine bit me with a gardening bug. Looks like this week’s posts are going to be related to garden magic. So let’s get crackin’ on creating a Garden Guardian!

What’s a Magical Guardian?

Magical guardians are mostly spirit constructs. The witch uses their energy to imbue and ‘bring to life’ an inanimate object for the purpose of protecting something. This is often their home, grounds, or vehicle. I say mostly, because some lucky witches are really connected to spirits. These witches have the ability to request that a spirit inhabit the inanimate object instead. 

It may seem like I am splitting hairs, but it makes a difference in how you interact with your guardian. Spirits that inhabit objects often require a different kind of regular interaction. Some will request offerings like a deity and if something about how they are treated changes, they can become mischievous or worse. A spirit construct, on the other hand, only requires a periodic replenishment of their energy from you or another energy source.

If this is the first time you have created something like this, I recommend that you create a spirit construct. The instructions vary only in wording, so you can use this either way.

What should it be made out of?

I find this part to be my favorite. The guardian can literally be anything that will not rot away in your garden. Solar lights, pot clingers, stone animals, and gnomes especially make good guardians. If you are crafty, you can make one. A minimalist witch I know made one out of googly-eyes and a rock.

If you are a witch on a budget, check out DollarTree. They have a variety of things that make excellent guardians and the best part is that they are just a $1! You can even order online and pick it up at your local store.

Supply Run

There are a few things that I always use when doing this listed below. As always, feel free to add or omit things. One of best ways to ensure that a spell works for you is to customize it. Keep in mind, that you don’t need anything except the vessel for your guardian and your hands. Curious about what I mean? Check out my post on 3 Simple Tools Witches Actually Use.

  • Oil or water to anoint the object
  • Something to represent the elements
  • Sage or other cleansing herb bundle
  • Music if you plan to use it to raise energy
  • Something to ‘feed’ the object (a slice of bread works well)

Steps to Success

You are going to notice as I post more and more to this blog that I often give guidelines instead of step by step instructions. This is on purpose. Magic is a free flowing form that changes from person to person. Dictating exact steps and creating a feeling that you have to follow those steps exactly for success is one way to set you up for failure. So, use what works for you from below.

Set up

Pick an evening during the waning moon that corresponds to protection. For me, this is either Tuesday or Saturday. Gather your supplies and what you will be using for your guardian. If you are using a pre-made oil I recommend that you check to make sure that it will not harm the surface of your guardian. Set up your sacred space.


Cleanse and ground yourself using the herbal bundle or whatever technique you prefer. Thoroughly cleanse the object you will be using as your guardian. You want to make sure no energy lingers as the only energy you’ll be wanting on it is what comes from what you project to it or the spirit you are asking to inhabit it.

Cast your circle, call elements placing/lighting/presenting your representation of each element to the quarters, and any deities or spirits you wish to call. Take time to ground or center yourself if needed.


Grab the oil and the object. Coat the object in the oil using your fingertips. Visualize the object becoming sacred as you do so. For me, this means that the outside will begin to glow gold like the outside coating on a M&M. You want it to remain hollow on the inside as that will be where the guardian’s spirit and energy will reside. Right now, we are just making the object capable of holding that spirit and energy.

Once finished, raise energy from any resources that you want to help you power the guardian. As this is for a garden, I recommend using the element of Earth, nature deities, and/or any local land spirits you have connected with. Once you have raised enough energy, direct it into the object until it is bursting at the seams with the energy. I do this using my hands and touching the object, but a wand or athame will work just as well.

Now that the object has power, we need to bring it to life. I do this by talking to it. I tell it basically a stream of conscious starting with stating that it is alive then moving on to its purpose in my garden and the garden itself. This may feel silly at first, but I assure you it is listening. As I talk, I reach for the bread and break it into pieces that would be bite-sized for its mouth. During this stage, the guardian and I are communicating and you may feel the need to stop talking to listen to it. It will likewise indicate when you should feed it a bit of bread. Set aside each bit of bread as the energy is consumed.

It Lives!

Your guardian should be alive and functional now. Thank any deities and the elements before dismissing your circle. Take the time to ground any excess energy. Once finished, gather both your new guardian and the bits of bread. Walk the garden listening for the guardian to tell you where he would like to be placed. Once you have the spot, dig a hole and bury the bread bits underneath the guardian. If that isn’t possible because the ground has not yet thawed, leave the bread at the guardian’s feet.

Your guardian is now installed at his post in the garden. I recommend that you visit with him at least once a week to learn what he needs and what is going on in your garden. Some guardians will want or delight in little offerings like neat stones that you find or more bits of bread. Some like to be moved around to get a different view or to take care of a different part of the garden. The important part is to build and maintain a relationship. Once fall comes, you can put him to sleep for the winter if needed and wake him up by knocking on him and offering bread in the spring.

I hope this was helpful to you! If you liked this post please click one of the share buttons on the side. Or you can check out my posts on how to create a magical garden or herbs every witch should know!
If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you!

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