5 Quick and Easy Ways to Change Your Energy

I think we’ve all been there. Inches away from spell burn out, having worked every, spell every way we can think of, and nothing is happening. Spells fizzling for no reason we can find. I’ve experienced it myself recently with my job search. What I knew should be easy as pie, was somehow like pushing Sisyphus’ boulder. So this week we are going to talk about the power of changing your energy and how to use it for manifestation.

Change Your Energy and Change Your Life

As I mentioned above, I have been in the middle of a mundane job search. One that was not going so well despite my best efforts both magical and mundane. It wasn’t until I nearly sliced my toe off with a knife (clumsy, I am clumsy) that I looked around my living room and realized two things: the arrangement of furniture in my living room was wrong and that I had not properly changed my own energy since my last job.

This may not seem like a big deal. For most of us, energy changes multiple times per day depending on things like where we are and what we are doing. It even changes based on who we are hanging out with. So my energy should’ve changed by itself, right? No, because the energy of something like work is a slow burn. It is something that builds and builds overtime adding additional layers. Changing it was not going to be easy.

It’s Called Sage, Genius!

I know what a lot of your are thinking, why didn’t I just go get a sage bundle and smoke cleanse myself? The answer is a fine line between two concepts. I wanted to change my energy, not banish it. Banishing something sends both the good and the bad of it away. There was some good job energy working away in the form of the spells I had worked. I didn’t want those to disappear too. 

That left me with changing all that bad job energy that was hanging around. Thinking about it left me feeling an awful lot like I had asked Sisyphus to stand on the sidelines while I did his job. Then I remembered what my mentor taught us about manipulating energy. The inklings of a plan formed. Gritting my teeth, I got started.

1- Our Surroundings Reflect Our Inner Life

Remember the revelation about my furniture when I was murdering my poor innocent toe? It was perhaps the biggest obvious change I could make towards changing my energy. After wrapping up my toe and a good night sleep, I stood in my living room and looked at the couch, the loveseat, and the coffee tables. And I remembered. I remembered all the nasty work energy of that toxic job I had spewed working from home or talking to my boyfriend. That energy had lingered on because nothing had changed in those spots.

You see, energy has two states: stagnant and flowing. Flowing energy is good as it is constantly bring new good energy in and moving old, bad energy out. This is the goal of things like Feng Shui and Tai Chi. Stagnant energy is energy that was deposited by you or an event and then it just stays there. It lingers like a cobweb gathering more of like energy like dust until something comes along and moves it. So I needed to create a new flow.

Based on the space and the furniture that I had in it, I came up with a plan top rearrange my living room. I enlisted my boyfriend’s help we cleaned the heck out of the living room and rotated the furniture. This did two things:

  1. The cleaning broke up the stagnant energy so that it could be gathered by the new flow
  2. The new arrangement subtly changed how I viewed the room.

Every time I sit in the room now, I am not in the same exact place I used to work. I don’t automatically relive those bad work memories in the back of my mind. My energy and the energy of the room are no longer the same.

2- Splish Splash Taking a Bath

This method is not quite as big as the first one, but is still crazy important. You can take a shower with the intent of removing any kind of lingering energy. This is especially important if you have long hair. For me, my hair is the place that I hold most of my stagnant energy due to the fact that it is long and curly.

There are a lot of different methods out there on how to take a shower or bath with magical intent. Here is the quick and easy way that I do it:

  1. Once the water is up to temperature and you step inside ground and center yourself.
  2. Step under the spray/immerse yourself in the water
  3. Visualize your aura/energy field
  4. Anywhere the color is not matching the rest visualize the water changing the color. For me this is like little drops of paint slowly painting the odd color the ‘right’ one.
  5. Thank the water while regrounding and center

It really is just that easy and can also be used as a quick way to reset your day if you are having a bad one.

A Chakra Tune Up

I find this to be the hardest one to do for myself. Often when our energy needs to change but is stubbornly remaining the same it is because our charkras are not in alignment. A healthy chakra system has all the major chakras moving at the same speed and direction. If one of them is hyper active or sluggish, this can manifest itself as an energy block that has you repeating the same cycles over and over again.

The best way to get this fixed is to have someone who knows what they are doing align them. For me, this is an energy practitioner at my local metaphysics store. He uses a combination of crystals, drumming, and visualization techniques to help them get back into alignment.

This can be hard to do at home, because it requires a lot of awareness of not only the changes in your own energy but what your chakras should be. If you are going through something traumatic or if you have recently been diagnosed with an illness there may be a new normal level for both your energy and chakras-a new normal that you may not be aware of.

If you know that you need to use this method and have before, I recommend that you reach out to a reputable energy worker.

Tried and True

This is great for a quick pick me up or if you need to change your energy right away. It’s also something that it seems every witch will get up on their soapbox about: grounding and centering. We briefly discussed grounding in my post on raising energy, but centering needs to be paired with it in order to change your energy rather than just remove excess. 

What exactly is centering? For me, it is pulling in my energy using my chakras.

It takes practice to see all the colors in the following visualization at one time. It works even if you can’t hold them all in your mind’s eye. If you follow it all the way through, you will be both centered and grounded.

Start sitting or standing with both your feet on planted firmly on the ground. Do not cross your arms or your legs. If you are sitting on the ground it is okay to cross your legs. What you don’t want is anything crossed between you and the ground or floor. 

Visualization for Centering

  1. Inhale through your nose and exhale out your mouth. Close your eyes. Visualize a bright white light sparkling like a disco ball just above the top of your head. Pay attention to how big it is and how/if it rotates. It should be variations on the one color. If it or any color during this exercise is not all one color, pass your energy through the ball until it returns to the correct color.
  2. Move your energy down to just behind your forehead. Imagine a lotus or other flower here. It will likely be a shade of purple. It may be an open or closed flower. Since we are changing energy, if the flower is open you may want to close it or vice versa. This is your third eye and represents your psychic abilities. Opening or closing the flower is a way to control your psychic abilities.
  3. Move your energy down again to your throat. There should be a ball here in a blue shade. Take a moment to make sure that it is all one color and rotating in the same direction as the flower and the ball above the top of your head. If not, use your energy to make it so.
  4. Next, move down to where your heart sits. You’ll know it as the spot where you feel emotions in your chest. There should be a ball of energy here as well. It can be either green or pink. Make sure of its color and rotation. Using your energy, push the color out so that it follows your circulatory system down your arms to your hands and back up.
  5. Once you return to your heart chakra, move down to where your ribs start to separate. There should be a ball here in a yellow shade. Check to make sure it is rotating along with your other chakras and that it is all the same color.
  6. Finished, move on just behind your belly button. It should be a ball of orange energy. Just as with the others, make sure that it is rotating and that there is no other colors here.
  7. Now we come to the last chakra. It rests between your sex and your butt. The ball here should be red. Treat it like all the rest before pushing the red energy down your legs to the soles of your feet.

You should now be a rainbow of colors from the top of your head to your toes. You should also now be centered. If you don’t feel like you are bursting with energy or your energy levels are too low, you’re done. If you feel either of the two things above you can use the below to ground.

Visualization for Grounding

  1. Visualizing your rainbow self, change all the rainbow colors so that they are a shade of pink and full of love. We’re going to give the energy back to the Earth and whatever energy we give the Earth should always be love.
  2. Visualize roots growing from whichever part of you is touching the ground or the floor. Picture the roots burrowing down through the earth-past the crust, past all the layers of the Earth’s mantle to the core.
  3. The core should be a shade of gold. This is the embrace of the mother Goddess and you should feel safe and happy here. Take a moment to revel in the feel of Her. Once done, visualize your now pink energy following along the roots. Give this energy to the Goddess.
  4. Once you are empty of energy, imagine your roots soaking up the golden energy from the Goddess. She will only give you as much energy as you need. The energy should fill your entire body until you glow gold.

You should not be too full. The energy should be comfortable. If you aren’t repeat the above process as needed until you feel that way.

The more you practice the above the faster you should be able to do it.

Music is a Magical All Its Own

When it comes to energy manipulation, music has to be my favorite. You can do anything with the right kind of music in my opinion. In to use music to change your energy, you’ll need to have an idea of what you want your energy to be. Then, you should choose music that embodies that energy. Make a playlist. Turn the music on, then dance. Seriously, dance.

The movement of dancing will help ‘shake off’ the previous energy allowing room for the energy of the music to fill you. Keep listening and dancing until you feel the energy changes. It is literally that simple.

I hope this post has helped you if you need to change your energy. If so, please subscribe to my newsletter to get articles delivered to your inbox. Or you can check out my post on 3 books every witch should have on their bookshelf or 3 herbs every witch should know.

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