5 Quick and Easy Ways to Celebrate Ostara #Ostara #witchcraft #pagan

We’ve all done it- gotten so wrapped up in our mundane lives that we’ve forgotten that Ostara was on its way. I’ve been guilty of letting the Sabbat slide past unremarked myself. It’s hard between trying to explain to your boss that “Yes, this really is a religious holiday and I am not trying to squeeze out another day off” and juggling housework, errands, and the millions of other things that demand your attention once you are not at work. I once spent an Ostara on the phone with the IRS.

So, I have created a list of 5 things you can do quickly during the day to get in touch with the spirit of Ostara. Hopefully, they can help you keep in touch with your magical side-even if you do end up spending it with an IRS agent.

If you are not sure what Ostara is, please check out my post on Ostara.

1- A Candy Bowl

5 quick and easy ways to Celebrate Ostara
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

This is one of my personal favorites because it doesn’t invite a lot of questions in the office. Most people are just going to assume it has to do with the other bunny rabbit holiday. It’s also great for the home if you can’t resist the sweet treats this time of year. You can also keep the candy out through spring if you want to keep the magic going.

All you need is a bag of brightly colored candy: jelly beans and those little egg shaped chocolates wrapped in colored foil work well. I have a bunny shaped candy bowl that I use, but any bowl that will hold the candy will work.

Need help picking up candy or a bowl on the cheap? Our witchy savor Dollar Tree is here! Everything is a dollar always~!

Alright, let’s get cracking

Dump the candy into the bowl. This is the part where you can cast a circle, call the elements and/or deities if you so desire. Any deities who encompass joy or spring are excellent choices. I personally use Baldur the Norse god of joy.

Raise power via your preferred method. Think about all the things in your life that give you joy. Imagine the people eating the candy and experiencing a little drop of joy. I also call on my deity here and the spirit of Ostara. Once raised, visualize the energy entering the candy and the bowl until it fills both and is ready to explode out. You can use your hands, a wand, or an athame to help guide the energy into the candy.

If you cast a circle, called the elements and/or deities, you can release them. Remember to ground any excess energy-especially with this being a Sabbat. Ostara can be pretty energy dense with everything gathering energy for the giant push to start growing.

Bring the bowl with you to work or put it out somewhere that everyone will come in contact with it. Whenever you are having a bad day or are getting overwhelmed grab a piece and take a second to remember what brings you joy. You’ll notice even co-workers will start stopping by for that little pick me up.

2- Eat a Magical Meal

5 quick and easy ways to celebrate Ostara #Ostara #magic #witchraft
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

I love the ease on this one. We all have to eat, right? Why not make what you eat part of your celebration? Most of us have eggs in the fridge on any given day, and for those of you out there who are vegan it’s easy enough to substitute with carrots and seasonally fresh greens.

The most important part of this meal is going to be intent. Like any kitchen witchery that is going to be consumed, you’ll be folding magic into it every step of the way. I toyed with offering some recipes here, but then I remembered that I live in Florida. What is currently in season for me is likely stupid expensive elsewhere (looking at you avocado and strawberries).

I recommend that you try to keep it fresh and try to keep the ingredients in line with the spirit of the holiday, but if you live in the great white north and only have the ingredients for beef stew, make the stew.

So what do I do?

When I do kitchen witchery, I like to cast a circle around my kitchen and turn on some music. I use the music to both hold the circle as family members are constantly moving in and out of the kitchen, and to help raise power. I also like to take a second to thank my assembled ingredients and ask them to lend their energy to the working by using the below.

Gratefully, I Ask of Thee

To Lend Thine Energy

As I Will So Mote It Be

A request for an ingredient’s aid in a working

This being a holiday having to do with growth, rebirth, and joy I focus on those things as I prepare the food. I think about what I and my family want to grow into this year, what we would like to reinvent about ourselves, what fun and exciting events we have planned, and I pour this energy into the food.

Once finished cooking, I release the circle and sit down to eat with my family. I encourage them to talk about positive things and to take the time to enjoy each and every part of the meal. We share clean up and ground.

3- Spend Time in Nature

5 Quick and Easy ways to celebrate Ostara #Ostara #Magic #Witchcraft
Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

This is probably the easiest one of all. Literally, all you have to do is go outside. Stand outside. Sit outside. Be outside. Even in the north where they are still getting snow storms, nature is changing. Days are getting longer. The sun is actually warming things up.

All you need to do to experience Ostara is try to feel whatever change is going on right now in nature. For me, this is the influx of spring break tourists, a thick layer of yellow oak pollen on the car, and the return of winter birds passing through. I can mark it in the afternoon by the beginnings of our daily storms. I can feel it on my skin, in the air, and under my feet.

The Wheel of the Year is about connecting to the cycles of the natural world around us. The Sabbats help us mark those cycles. So go outside. Feel spring. Let it fill you up as it brings change around you.

4- Spring Cleaning

5 quick and easy ways to celebrate Ostara #Ostara #witchcraft #pagan
Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Perhaps the most groan worthy is this one. Very few people in the world want to clean. As a witch, though, cleaning is one of the most under rated forms of magic and the energy of this Sabbat boosts it out of this world.

All witches know that there is energy all around us. Some of it is positive. Some of it is negative. Some of it comes from other people. If you don’t clean-and I am not talking just energetically-that energy lingers. Forever.

And what does this energy do? It can interfere with spells. It can prevent manifestation. It can cause moodiness. Energy needs to be given a swift kick in the pants periodically.

Let’s get scrubbing

One of the easiest ways to do this, is by cleaning. Not only does cleaning get rid of dust and dirt, it removes any energy that is attached to it. It forces stagnant energy to move. This makes room for manifestation, aids spellwork, and improves mood.

All you need to do for this one is grab all the cleaning supplies you are going to use and some sage and sweetgrass. Cast a circle, call the elements and/or deities if you like-just make sure to include the entire area you are cleaning. Domestic deities are great for this one. I use the sage and sweetgrass to smoke cleanse the cleaning supplies.

One done, raise power in your preferred method. Visualize the energy of your home. Imagine changing whatever color or feeling it currently is into whatever you wish it to be. For me, this is normally color and I am changing it into white or golden light. Still visualizing this, I pour the energy into my cleaning supplies chanting the below.

Old Energy Out, New Energy In

Ostara help as I begin again

Ostara cleaning chant

I then give my house a good cleaning, being sure that any trash is set down by the curb or away from the house. I often turn music on to aid in breaking up some of the more stubborn energy and to help encourage good energy to stay. Don’t forget to release your circle if you cast one.

5- A Ritual Bath

5 Quick and Easy ways to Celebrate Ostara
Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Last, but not least, you can take a ritual bath. Self-care is having a moment, so why not get in on it? Especially, since it is so easy to do. All you need are some herbs that make you think of spring and some time. Candles if you have room on the rim of your tub.

So let’s get relaxing

I have provided a recipe below for making a spring bath mixture, but feel free to add and subtract. Magic is always more powerful when you add a little personal touch.

  • 1 cup Epsom Salts
  • 6 drops orange or any other citrus essential oil
  • 3 drops Sandalwood essential oil
  • 3 drops Jasmine essential oil
  • 1/3 cup of fresh or dried Lavender

Mix the lavender and the Epsom salts together making sure that the lavender is dispersed throughout. Put into a mason jar or other airtight container. Add the essential oils. Screw the lid on tight and charge the bath salts but visualizing all the herbs blooming inside the jar.

While letting the bath salts sit helps ensure that you can use it later, you can just go ahead and add the ingredients start to the bath. Just make sure to charge to bath the same way as the jar.

Have a Happy Ostara!

I hope this post helps so that you can work celebrating Ostara into your busy schedule! If you liked this post, please share and check out my post on what Ostara is or what magical correspondences are. Have a happy Ostara!

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