3 Tarot Decks Every Witch Needs to Own

I’m kicking off my tarot series with 3 decks that every witch needs to own. And I do believe that every witch should have 3 decks. One deck should be for reading others. Another for generic readings. Finally, one that pulls no punches.

Finding these decks can be a life long endeavor, and they can change. The deck I learned on was originally the one I used for generic readings. It has since permanently retired. To help you get started, I am sharing my current 3 decks.

1- For the Client

Ethereal Visions Tarot Devil

  • Deck Name: Ethereal Visions Tarot
  • Cost: Normally $23.95, but $14.68 if you use my link

I love the gorgeous artwork in this deck. It manages to capture the main symbolism of Rider-Waite, but not look cheap or cartoon-y. That is part of what makes it great for reading other people. A lot of people have expectations about what getting a tarot reading should be like. These cards give them that and help you if your mind blanks on a traditional card reading.

The card stock is thicker than a normal playing deck, so I don’t recommend it for those of you who like to bridge shuffle your deck (also you really shouldn’t). The edges come gilded gold, so shuffling this deck a bunch when you first get it is required to keep the cards from sticking together. The box that they come in doubles as a place to keep your cards-which is always nice.

It does come with 2 extra cards than the traditional deck-the Well and the Artiste. I tried leaving them in, but found that they really didn’t add anything except a moment of confusion when they came up in readings. Removing them fixed the problem. I fully recommend this deck for beginners.

2- For Generic Readings

Shadowscape Tarot 3 Tarot Decks Every Witch Should Own

  • Deck Name: Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Cost: Normally $23.99, but $20.06 if you use my link

We all need a deck for everyday. Personally, I use this one for my daily card pulls and check ins. The art is soft and invokes a kind of witch-y mood that delights my soul. It does depart from some of the Rider-Waite symbology which allows for a more intuitive interpretation. My current deck has been used so often the card edges are starting to fray.

The card stock is a little thinner than playing cards which makes shuffling a breeze. I rarely have an issue with the cards sticking together during shuffling. They are great if you are a reader who likes to fan the cards out and pick them based on feeling. These are also the cards I use in combination with a pendulum when I need a message from my deities.

My only real complaint is the fact that they don’t take long to start bowing in the middle and they absorb the oil from your hands quickly. Buying card protectors is required. Due to the artist’s interpretations, I recommend this deck to an intermediate reader or someone looking to read more intuitively.

3- Punching Above Its Weight Class

Linestrider Tarot 3 Deckks Every Witch Needs to Own

  • Name: Linestrider Tarot
  • Cost: $29.99, but $20.91 with my link

We all have that one friend who tells us like it is. This deck is just like that friend. It doesn’t care how rose tinted my glasses are. Nor, how much I want something to be true. I ask and in the most concise way possible it answers. The art is the same-clean, concise, and breathtaking. The artist sticks with traditional symbolism only in the loosest sense. So if you are picking this one up make sure to get the book.

The card stock for this deck strikes the right balance of thick and thin to me. Bridge shuffling is possible and none of the cards stick. It also does not pick up the oil from my hands easy and retains shape well. The backs are a soft blue that belies the aggressive personality that lies inside. The book is also amazing having both birthday and herbal correspondences for each card.

The only complaint I can think of (besides how it calls me on all my BS), is the fact that if you are new reader they can be hard to interpret.  If you are looking for a deck to practice intuitive reading or that will let you know what is what, pick this one up!

I hope this helps with choosing a tarot deck! I really do believe that witches should own 3, but I also know that we aren’t made of money. Be sure to check out my links to get them at a discount and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!

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