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I remember it like it was yesterday-me a teenage baby witch rushing home with a smuggled copy of Raven Silverwolf’s Teen Wolf from the library excited to learn just what this witchcraft thing was. There were stars in my eyes. I was ready and willing to take what was in the book as gospel. By Odin’s good eye, was I dumb.

I’m not disparaging Raven’s books-they are good for beginners even if they have some cultural appropriation problems. I am lamenting the amount of money I spent going out and getting the “correct” altar set up. You know what I am talking about. The shiny perfect athame. The little cast iron cauldron with the triple moon symbol. A soapstone pentacle and beautiful chalice.

Do you know how much of that I actually use regularly? The cauldron. That’s it. I created this post in the hope that I could save you some money by giving you a list of 3 tools that witches actually use in their practice.

Also, a great place to pick up all the tools I mention? The DollarTree. You get to buy things in bulk and everything is $1. I cannot tell you how often they have been a life saver when I am broke.


Candles- 3 Simple Tools Witches Actually Use
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Ah, candles. A witch’s biggest expense and one of our greatest addictions. You know how they say, there’s an app for that? Well, we all know in witchcraft-there’s a candle for that. My candle addiction is full-blown. I spent over 3 hours the other night just scrolling through the candle tag on Instagram. But, while drool worthy, fancy candles with crystals, glitter, herbs and scents built in are not required.

A simple white tealight has all the magical power of one of those fancy ones. White is a wonderful color as it can stand in for every color and every purpose. Need a Goddess candle? Take a toothpick and draw a spiral onto the tealight. Done. Need to work some money magic? Sprinkle some cinnamon and basil ontop. Candle has been dressed and is ready for charging.

Even better-how often do spells require you to let a candle burn out? If you bought a massive pillar candle or even one of those votive size ones that could be an entire day. Tealights generally have a short burn time of between 3-6 hours. Take your day back!

The best part about tealights? They are dirt cheap. Our trusty DollarTree has 16 of them for $1! And even better? Free shipping! That’s 16 spells for $1.

2- Your Fingers

3 Simple Tools Witches Actually Use
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One of the strongest witches I know only uses her fingers to manipulate energy during any kind of working. She once held an entire open ritual where her tools were a bond fire and her fingers. Nothing else. It was a ritual for cleansing and one of the more powerful ones I have attended.

Fingers are amazing for directing energy. I know books often recommend using wands and athames to do this.  I will also admit that sometimes nothing feels more witchy than casting a circle with your athame. But the fact is, your fingers are often better. Especially when it comes to opening a circle and hoovering that energy back up.

Using your fingers could not be simpler. Dominate hand to project and non-dominate hand to receive. The only time this is different is if you are sharing energy/working with another person-then it goes either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the nature of the working. Now point and visualize the energy leaving or going into the tip of your pointer finger.

You can use your finger to cut through energy and remove things that have been attached to your aura or energy field. Just visualize a laser of your energy being emitted from your finger and slice it right off. Amazing, right? And best of all? Free!

3- Envelopes

Envelopes- 3 simple tools witches actually use
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I actually encountered this one for the first time from an older witch. She created and sold spell kits for love, money, and cleansing as well as custom spell services. Being well known at the local metaphysics shop, I employed her services. At the end of the session, she handed be a thick envelope with the instructions to put it in my purse and forget about it. What was in the envelope? Why everything that most witches put into a charm bag or a spell jar.

Spell jars in particular are increasingly popular. I believe this is because not only do they hold intent for a spell for a long period of time, but they make beautiful pictures in our social media generation. And that’s great if it is your goal. However, what do you do with that bottle or jar once the spell is over? Do you bury it or throw it away contributing to our global climate crisis?

Envelopes are made out of paper so if you bury it or toss it there is little impact. They hold the same amount of spell ingredients as a jar or pouch. Being made of paper, you can draw symbols or sigils on the inside or the outside. Perhaps the best for witches still in the broom closet, no one asks why you have an envelope. You can leave it out in plain sight or put it in your purse/wallet without inviting questions.

Did I mention that they are insanely less expensive than jars or cloth for pouches? DollarTree has 80 for only $1. That’s a spectacular 80 spell holders for only $1!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If it helped please share or leave a comment letting me know what you thought.

Interested in learning more about witchcraft? Check out my posts on correspondences, books that every witch should own and how to raise energy.

A special thanks to the DollarTree for having the back of budget witches everywhere!

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    1. I am still learning something new everyday. I think that is part of the reason that I love witchcraft so much. I am glad this helps!

  1. Im so thankful for this post and im going to read everything u post ive been ignoring my witchy side i. Now accepting that I am a witch ive been told a very powerful and special one i need to embrace this desperately for many reasons but i have no one to help me cause regular people will lock me up and every thing i can find is either commercial, Hollywood or for those whove been brought up in it or at least allowed to be who they are ask questions etc.i can feel whats real and whats not cant be lied to this is the first thing ive read thats nkne of those who is written by someone real and who understands the real world as well as our world who can hopefully show me where that is and how to get there cause i need to find where i belong and i dont have the money to buy all that luggage everyone else is selling thank you deeply and please dont change or stop please
    From a lost witch

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