3 Books for Every Witch's Bookshelf

I know we’ve all seen the giant explosion in witchcraft books in the new age section of our bookstores. It seems like anyone with a broom, some crystals, and a cauldron is publishing. Not that this is a bad thing-once upon a time, it used to be full of the same handful of authors. With this publishing explosion we have expanded witchcraft techniques, theory, and culture. We’re pushing the boundary of what witchcraft is and was.

But with that rapid expansion comes the question: what is really worth spending my money on? Especially since most books have the same 3 beginning chapters regardless of who wrote them. Who wants to buy that over and over again? And what happens if I evolve in my craft-switching traditions or being called to something else? Buying a whole new set of books is a pain. So, I am offering up 3 books that will always be on my bookshelves.

1- The Hearth Witch’s Compendium

The Hearth Witch's Compendium- 3 Books for Every Witch's Bookshelf

This book is the single most amazing resource I have come across for a witch’s formulary. Part magical cookbook, part magical crafts, and part magical reference guide it covers everything! Her essential oil recipes smell heavenly and I am in the process of making her magical cordials for Yule presents.

Each recipe comes with a small intro explaining the properties and relating it back to the holiday/time of year you are making or consuming it. Very much a no-nonsense book, she doesn’t go over the basics of witchcraft for the hundredth time. She even provides space for notes about the recipes you have tried and for the creation of your own.

I definitely recommend this for the witch who is looking for a no fuss reference of magical bases to use in their craft. The only thing that I dislike about this book is the fact that all the feast recipes are vegetarian. Not that this a bad thing if that is your jam. Speaking of jam-her preserve recipes are almost as good as my grandmother’s.

So pick up your copy today! If you use my link you get a special 20% off. So hurry before this offer expires!

2- Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences

llewellyn's complete book of correspondences- 3 Books for Every Witch's Bookshelf

  • Title: Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences
  • Author: Sandra Kynes
  • Cost: $27.01 if you use my link-otherwise $34.99

This book is a monster weighing in at 2.5lbs. It covers everything that a witch could think of from herbs to issues/powers/intentions. It interconnects everything. I find myself frequently reaching for it as a starting place for spells. It’s also great at listing out obscure correspondences that I cannot find anywhere else.

The book is divided into sections that are sub-divided again. For instance, the plant kingdom –>herbs –> alphabetical by herb. This can make it hard to find something as most would consider rose an herb but it is under flowers instead. Once you get the hang of it, though it becomes invaluable for figuring out substitutions.

Thoroughly researched, I learn something new every time I pick it up. I recommend this book for witches who frequently find themselves having to cast spells with only the supplies on hand or witches on a budget who cannot buy spell ingredients every time they want to cast a spell. Goodness, it can often serve the place of specific topic books like a book a tarot with its breath of correspondence.

Interested in never having to look up correspondences on the internet again? Pick up your copy right now and get 20% off using my link.

3- Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Series

Okay, so this one isn’t just one book. It’s a series of books that were published as a reference guide to the Wheel of the Year. And I absolutely love them! Whether you are celebrating Beltane, May Day or the Festival of Floria they offer not only a history of the holiday, but correspondences, crafts, and a ritual.

Slim and concise, they pull no punches when it comes to a holiday’s history. If it was something that was largely invented by Gardner they acknowledge that while providing you with current context. I find myself reaching for them whenever I am planning for a Sabbat. I am always pulling out a new aspect to incorporate. They also are great for handing non-witch family members who are curious about the Sabbat.

I recommend these to any witch who wants to know more about the Sabbats or who needs a little inspiration for their rituals. Quick reads, they take no time at all to get through and are broken down into easily referenced chunks.

Not able to get all 8 at once? Treat yourself to one each holiday and using my link get at least 20% off!

I hope this was helpful in sorting through which books you should spend money on~! Have a witchcraft book you cannot live without? Let me know in the comments.
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